Lac de St. Cassien

This mountain lake is located only 10 minutes drive from the house, and it is the perfect place to go for a morning or evening swim. Contrary to the beaches, there are practically no people by the lakeside.

The water is very clean with the caracteristic blue/green color. It is soft as velvet and one to two degrees warmer than the sea.

The lake is 7 km long and is mostly surrounded with tree covered hills. You can only get to the lake by access of small passages through trees and bushes, and it's easy to find some privacy, where you can eat or swim unnoticed.

You can park by the east shore, and here you also find tables and restaurants. You can also rent canoos, small boats and bicycle-boats. Motorized traffic on the lake is forbidden.

The lake has large carp, pike and other predator fish. Carp fishing is open year-round, while other fish have a season.

Tel: +45 2012 0651