10-15 minutes walk from the house, and you are there. Great place to eat, shop and relax. Enjoy life from the streetside restaurants.

The village is full of Middle Age charm, with several very good restaurants, many shops and a plentitude of small romantic streets.

Fayence (3.500 inhabitants) is located on a hillside, with a beautifull view over the valley. The town was once a fortified town and has kept its Middle Age charm from that period. It is sorrounded by oak-forrested hills with rocky cliff faces showing here and there through the green vegetation.

Historie: The name means (in latin, Faventia Loca) 'a favorable location'. The town was occupied by the romans around the year 1000. The Saracen devastated the town in the Middle Age, and it was almost deserted at that time. In 1391 Turenne destroyed a close by village (Callian) and the fleeing people came to Fayence, and repopulated it for the first time since the Saracens had passed through.

Market: open Tuesday and Saturday AM.

Flying: The airfield on the plain just south of the town is a major sailplane (gliders) center. Founded in 1935, the gliding club is considered the best in Europe, and you'll see sailplanes here from across France and other European countries. The 1995 world championships were held here in September.

Hiking: Trails directly around Fayence mostly follow the small roads, since the area is pretty well built-up.

Golf: There's two brand new 18-hole golf courses just at the edge of the city.

Svimming & Tennis: There's a large public pool with tennis courts in town.

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